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Place your pre-order now for Nancy's latest album (Double LP) of all-original compositions, in collaboration with Shawn Schlogel & Darin Clendenin. Produced by Johnaye Kendrick and featuring the talents of Josh Nelson, Sean Jones, Shawn Schlogel, Chris Symer, Michael Glynn, and Stefan Schatz, this is a very personal album with a variety of topics ranging from new love, betrayal, an adorable dog, world problems, to the passages of time and aging. Come along for the ride.


SKU: 217537123517253
CD's expected to ship by May 15, LP's by mid-June
  • Enjoy Nancy Erickson Lamont's music on your turntable - this album runs at 45rpm for maximum audio quality. (And it will sound really weird if you play it at 33 1/2 rpm!)

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